Friday, April 14, 2017

This week was a whirlwind! Institute staff were all over the Statehouse attending conference committee hearings to make sure no dead language was resurrected. On top of that, staff were scheduling meetings with Congressmen, working on projects, and planning for after the session ends. Read on, faithful follower, for some good news and a breakdown of conference committees.

This week:

Governor Holcomb signed SEA 253 this week! This bill urges the legislature to assign the topic of paid family and medical leave to an interim study committee. The Institute will be urging Legislative Council to indeed assign this topic to a summer study committee. You can find other bills signed by the governor here.

Conference committees began this week. For a recap, as bills return to their original chambers, they are eligible for concurrence. If there have been no changes to the bill or the bill’s author does not disagree with changes made in the second house, he or she concurs. If the author chooses to dissent, whether because they did not like the amendments the other chamber added or there is additional language they want to try to get in, the bill goes to conference committee. One member from each party from both the House and the Senate are chosen to debate the bill, along with advisors from both chambers and parties, to get the bill in a form that is satisfactory to both houses. The conference committee report must be signed by all four conferees and be voted on favorably in both houses before it can be sent to the governor for his signature. If no agreement can be found, the bill dies.

In conference committee:
SB 59 Professional licensing (Head)
SB 515 Various tax matters (Hershman)
HB 1001 State biennial budget (Brown)
HB 1002 Transportation infrastructure funding (Soliday)
HB 1004 Prekindergarten education (Behning)
HB 1008 Workforce development (Huston)
HB 1154 Unemployment insurance (Leonard)
HB 1384 Various education matters (Behning)
HB 1391 Behavioral health and human services licensing (Frizzell)
HB 1394 Waiver of local occupational license fees (Frizzell)
HB 1450 Property tax matters (Leonard)
HB 1470 Government information (Ober)

Returned with no amendments:
HB 1308 Various professional licensing matters (Zent) was signed by the Speaker and President Pro Tempore.
SB 42 Pro bono legal service fee (Grooms) was signed by the Speaker and President Pro Tempore.
SB 242 Indiana housing first program (Merritt) was signed by the President Pro Tempore.
SB 307 Veteran preference for employment and training (Hershman) was signed by the Speaker.
SB 312 Use of criminal history information in hiring (Boots) was signed by the Speaker and President Pro Tempore.
SB 412 529 education savings plan matters (Koch) was signed by the Speaker.

Returned with amendments awaiting concurrence or dissent:
SB 198 Career and technical education (Long)

Concurrences eligible for action:
SB 154 Asset limitation for SNAP eligibility (Merritt)
SB 507 Economic development (Head)

The Senate concurred on:
SB 108 Education matters (Kruse) with a 34-3 vote.
SB 114 Professional licensing (Kruse) with a 47-0 vote and was signed by Speaker
SB 283 Pyramid promotional schemes (Messmer) with a 49-0 vote and was signed by the President Pro Tempore.
SB 346 Donation of certain local funds to a foundation (Grooms) with a 49-0 vote.
SB 440 Various tax matters (Holdman) with a 47-0.
SB 558 Leases and sales of real property (Holdman) with a narrow 28-20 vote.

The House concurred on:
HB 1178 Voter registration opportunity for all motor vehicle transactions (Kersey) with a 76-0 vote.
HB 1281 Various higher education matters (Sullivan) with a 90-0 vote.
HB 1337 Telemedicine matters (Kirkhhofer) with an 84-7 vote.
HB 1439 FSSA matters (Kirchhofer) with a 95-0 vote.
HB 1523 Search fee for public records request (Richardson) with a 63-27.
HB 1539 Financial institutions and consumer credit (Burton) with a 75-18 vote.

Signed by Governor:
SB 253 Study of voluntary paid family and medical leave (Tallian)
HB 1074 Homeowners Association Proxies (Macer)
HB 1268 Traffic amnesty program (Shackleford)
HB 1626 Study of universal service for telecommunication (Negele)

Next week:

HB 1384 Various education matters (Behning) conference committee will be at 3pm in 156-C on Monday 4/17.

The Senate will meet at 1:30pm on Monday 4/17
The House will meet at 1:30pm on Monday 4/17

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